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Our story

What makes our small, family-run vineyard special.

15 years ago…

Our story starts 15 years ago when, as a hobby, we planted 400 vines on a small area of hillside at our home in Worcestershire, one of the oldest counties in England.

We had attempted to keep pet sheep and goats, but it wasn’t for us, and we plumped for growing vines. We knew it might be arduous as the hillside was so steep and we’d have to cultivate the vines by hand, but wouldn’t it be a great achievement? If we could generate a few bottles of wine to drink with friends and family from it, even better.

Turns out that, through the ages, our piece of land was the place for grape growing. Deeds and documents dating back to 1604 revealed that monks from the Worcester Diocese had grown wine here, as well as apples for cider, and, through the grapevine, if you’ll pardon the pun, we’d heard the Romans had also grown vines here.

With help from our family, including our four children, we have worked the vines by hand without using any herbicides or insecticides, being very aware of our precious environment. We have encouraged plants and flowers to grow among the vines and respected the insects, both in the ground and on the vines, and produced our own solar electricity. To this day, we adopt this natural approach.

Ultimately, we have enjoyed the experience so much that, after successful careers in dentistry, we decided to sell our practice and work the vineyard into our retirement.

We hope you enjoy our wine as much as we do.