Our sparkling wine couldn’t be more sustainable.

Easing Hill Vineyard is one of the first British Vineyards to be accredited as a Sustainable Vineyard by Wines of Great Britain.  After detailed inspection and audit the vineyard has been awarded the status of “ Founder Member Sustainable Wines GB”.

At the heart of every decision and task is our love of the land and our environment. Wild flowers are encouraged to grow improving the habitat of our wild animals and insects.

Completely natural

Our wine’s journey starts in the clay soil we have in abundance in the region. When we moved here in 1996, the land was overgrown and clearing it was no mean feat, the hillside where we would go on to grow our vines being virtually as steep as a black run.

However, what this did mean was the ground had never been sprayed, a completely unspoiled soil for our exquisite Seyval and Phoenix grapes to grow.

Being on a slope, the ground does not become waterlogged, the rain simply runs off, and with air flowing right through the vines, our grapes are more robust and grow better. We don’t need to spray herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, unlike most vineyards.

Low carbon footprint

When you think about how far wines come from the New World, even from France, the miles add up. We are proud to offer you an outstanding alternative with an extremely low carbon footprint.

We don’t use heavy farm machinery at all, and where we do use strimmers and other maintenance equipment, they are battery or solar-powered.

Once picked and collected, our beautiful bunches of grapes are whisked off to Three Choirs Vineyard, not hours away, just 21 miles over the Malverns, to be transformed into the delicious sparkling wine that is Easing Hill, magnificent bubbles ready for your delectation.

Hand-picked grapes

Once ripened, our delicious crop is hand-pruned and hand-picked by ourselves.

And because we don’t use any chemicals, you can rest assured that every vine, every grape, here at Easing Hill Vineyard is unsprayed and completely natural.

Harnessing the power
of the sun

Where we do need to use energy to grow our vines, we rely on solar panels or photovoltaics (PV) installed on the roof at Easing Hill.

 These cells don’t need direct sunlight to work – they generate electricity even on a cloudy day – and enable us to reinforce the sustainable approach at the heart of everything we do.

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