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The Wine

An elegant, dry and crisp English sparkling wine with subtle notes of bright green apples, pears and peaches.

Easing Hill
Sparkling Wine

One of the reasons English sparkling has become so popular is that we actually have a similar climate to wine-growing areas of France right here in the UK.

Sheltered by the Malvern Hills, our vineyard benefits from a particularly mild climate, comparable to Tuscany and Bordeaux. This means our Seyval and Phoenix grapes produce subtle notes of bright green apples, pears and peaches you only get from an English vineyard.

Once we have handpicked and collected our bunches of grapes, they are taken to nearby Three Choirs Vineyard to be turned into wine. Here, Easing Hill sparkling wine is produced in the traditional method, where fermentation takes place in the bottle and the wine is left to age on the yeast lees for the best colour and clarity, bubble characteristics, aroma and taste.

The end result is an elegant, light and delicately balanced sparkling wine, perfect for a wedding toast or simply to be enjoyed at home as an English alternative to Champagne.

It goes particularly well with shellfish, light salads, spicy, white meat dishes and mild cheeses, including vegetarian and vegan alternatives.



We never use harmful chemicals or fertilisers, our vines are grown completely naturally.


Our crop is hand-picked, no machinery is ever used.


Our wine is strained through filters that don’t use egg products or animal by-products.


Our wine is produced just 21 miles away and we only sell our wine in the UK.


Energy used in wine-making process is generated by solar panels.


From the Goblet to the Trellis

Because our hillside is so steep, our older vines are grown in the ‘goblet vine’ style of training, as favoured by the Swiss. Our new vineyard has vines gloriously draped across trellises on a south-facing escarpment in the shape of an amphitheater.

‘Goblet vines’ are quite special and we believe we are the only vineyard in the UK to use this method.

Where they differ from vines grown using the trellis method is that they are arranged on short arms with no wires or other support, the vine resembling a goblet wine glass. Crucially, the roots can grow to 20-metres deep in search of moisture, making the vines less sensitive to drought. With rain running away from the hillside, this has been a successful growing method for us.

Most importantly, growing vines this way promotes a slow, even ripening of the grapes, with good air circulation through the canopy. All making for the best wine possible.

The wine you can buy here today is produced using the grapes grown in our older vineyard, which makes it quite precious. Choose Easing Hill and you are investing in a very unique piece of history.


Proudly Vegan

Commonly, wine producers use milk protein, egg whites, gelatin (animal protein) or fish bladder protein to speed up the filtering process. We don’t.

Easing Hill English sparkling wine is proudly vegan, giving you complete peace of mind when organising an event with guests with specific dietary requirements and the growing number of people choosing to be vegetarian or vegan for health or environmental reasons.

With the number of vegans in Britain quadrupling between 2014 and 2018, we know how important it is for today’s customers to be able to source an authentically vegan wine.

For the perfect wedding toast

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. But, it can be enormously wasteful and harmful for the environment.

Having a beautiful English sparkling wine instead of the traditional Champagne for a wedding toast or reception has become extremely popular in recent years and with Easing Hill, you know you are choosing bubbles with the lowest of carbon footprints.

With a crisp taste of both green fruit and lingering peaches, this is a fantastic sparkler for weddings across the seasons and being suitable for vegans, you can rest assured everyone in your wedding party is catered for.

Opening in April is our Cellar Door tasting room, with panoramic views of the vineyard and the beautiful Teme Valley beyond. Hosted by Tim and Judith, try Easing Hill English sparkling wine for yourself.



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